Mezcal Amores

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Mezcal Amores 100% Agave Espadin 750ml
Mezcal Amores production process is 100% artisan. Each bottle of Mezcal begins with our estate-gown 100% Espadin Agave.  We maintain total control in selecting what plants are to bused in creating our award-winning Mezcal. Our agave fields are located deep in Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca. After 10 years of sunlight, our agaves are cooked in an iconic stone oven for 5 days and macerated using a traditional Egyptian mill.  The product is then triple distilled in copper pot stills, resulting in a perfect blend of aromas and flavours that captivate the essence of Mezcal along with a smooth and fresh palate. The unique Mezcal Amores bottles are hand signed and numbered by Mezcal Master, Mr. Enrique Jimenez.   37% ABV 20.4 standard drinks