Skeleto or Skelly Tequila by Los Azulejos is a hand crafted artisan tequila from the Tequila Valley in the heart of Mexico's tequila country. Don't let appearances fool you, each of these bottles is filled with 100% agave premium quality tequila to satisfy novice and expert alike.

Presented in stunning ceramic day of the dead style bottles that are individually crafted by local Mexican artisans using centuries old kilns. Each bottle is hand painted and comes with a handmade hat denoting its contents.

- Blanco wears a red bandana
- Reposado wears a classic 'sombrero'
- Anejo wears an incredibly detailed 'mariachi' hat

These bottles are perfect for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) parties and a great talking piece. One of the few bottles you will definitely keep after you've emptied it and emptying it will be one heck of an enjoyable experience.