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Mezcal Gin 750ml

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Mezcal Gin is a gourmet, small-batch handcrafted spirit that brings together two of the most emblematic spirits of the world. Mezcal, one of the most ancient of the Americas combined with the infamous Gin.

Traditional Pechuga mezcal production methods are used - maceration and vapor infusion - However, we replace the guajalote with 8 handpicked traditional Gin botanicals and 4 Mexican botanicals.

Mezcal Gin is produced with passion and dedication by the local community, in harmony with the environment; focusing on obtaining a unique spirit by using the highest quality botanicals and ingredients. 

Committed to sustainability, and with the help of local agriculturists  two agaves are planted for each bottle of Mezcal Gin that is produced.


45% ABV

26.6 standard drinks