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Tequila 7 Siete Leguas Añejo 100% Agave 750ml

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Casa Siete Leguas has treasured traditional Tequila-making processes in order to create a meticulously handcrafted, full bodied spirit of the highest quality and incomparable flavour.  

Tequila Siete Leguas is steeped in heritage and tradition, all made of 100% Tequilana Weber Agave. This tequila carries the name of Pancho Villa's famous horse.

7 Leguas Añejo is deeply luminous, pale, golden yellow with silvery reflections. Its full, solid body is the result of care and patience of 24 long months of aging.

The nose is clearly defined by the aroma of slow-cooked agave and the delicate end-note of the barrels. In the mouth, all of its aromatic fullness comes to an intense flavour climax.


38% ABV

22.5 standard drinks