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Tequila Arette Añejo 100% Agave 700ml

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Tequila Arette Añejo is an elegant tequila with typical flavors from agave grown in the lowlands around the town of Tequila. Aged 14 months in ex-bourbon barrels, this tequila opens softly and sweet, with orange and hints of oak and has a long finish with black pepper and citrus. 

The agave used in the production of Tequila Arette is exclusively cultivated in fields on the outskirts of the town of Tequila. This agave has relatively high fiber and low water content for a more full-bodied tequila.

"EL LLANO" is one of the oldest distillery's in the region that still produces tequila. It is located in the heart of the magical town Tequila. It is operated by the Orendain Brothers, descendents of one of the most recognized families in the tequila Industry.

"In our distillery we use the extraordinary water from the wellsprings of the Tequila volcano".

38% ABV

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