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Tequila Los Azulejos SKELETO Blanco 750ML

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Los Azulejos Skeleto Blanco Tequila is a hand crafted artisan tequila from the Tequila Valley in the heart of Mexico’s tequila country. Presented in quality ceramic Day of the Dead style bottles that are individually hand made and hand painted. 

Clear as mineral water; no sediment, Los Azulejos Skeleto Blanco is 100% Agave and is bottled after a second distillation in order to keep it’s natural characteristics together with transparency and brightness. Opening bouquet is snappy fresh and smoky, kind of like smoldering embers; licorice and anise emerge with air contact. On the palate, the taste is fresh, lovely, appropriately zesty, peppery and vegetable with a hint of sugary sweetness at mid-palate. Aftertaste is long, laced with pepper and refreshing.


40% ABV

23.7 standard drinks